KEDU Corporation

Igbo-centric Private Equity and Project Finance

We are a global corporation with operations in the United States and Southeastern Nigeria.

Our core focus is on investing and managing portfolio assets in diverse industries, including automobile, construction, energy, agricultural exports, healthcare technologies, and financial services.

We are committed to creating long-term value for our stakeholders and portfolio assets through prudent financial strategies and sustainable business practices.

Our Value Pillars

Global Online Bank undergirds the sustainable growth of Igbo-owned businesses in Diaspora and Southeast Nigeria

Integrated Oil and Gas

Upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas value chain delivery for domestic refined petroleum products demands and recharging gas powered industrial and manufacturing plants in Southeastern Nigeria.

Agricultural Exports

Unleash economic growth, diversification, and sustainability in Southeastern Nigeria while driving foreign exchange earnings to farmers, implement robust supply chain infrastructure, food processing and packaging and food security

Consumer Goods

These meet basic needs, drive economic activity, foreign exchange export earnings and enhance quality of life while contributing to the overall development and well-being of the community.

Healthcare Technologies

These not only benefits the domestic population by improving healthcare access and infrastructure but also opens doors to participation in the global healthcare marketplace that lead to economic growth, innovation, job creation, and enhanced regional health security.

Solar Electric Vehicle

This critical portfolio asset¬† contributes to economic growth, support local manufacturing, and cater to the region’s mobility needs

Our Vision is to be the leading global private equity and project finance firm, driving economic growth and promoting social development in the communities we serve.

Mission Objective

Empower businesses to thrive and flourish by providing growth capital solutions and strategic guidance, while upholding our commitment to ethical and responsible investments.

Core Values and Culture

we uphold integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors. We foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture that encourages innovation, growth, and continuous learning.